Short list of CITY WORKS

1988 - 1989. Amsterdam vanaf het spoor Photo series (no photographs yet)
2006. Photo project for De Rai: 'Europaplein - The surroundings Station Vijzelgracht'
2007. Photo project 'Noord - Zuid lijn' op de Dam
2007. 'Scheldeplein' photo project.
2008. Photo project for the Rai: 'Amsterdam project 3'
2010. Photo project for the Rai: '100 photographs'
2013. Photo project for De rai: 'Amsterdam' and the Book 'Amsterdam'
2013. Book 'Amsterdam vanaf het spoor'
2013. Book 'vanaf centraal Station'
2014. Photo project for De rai: 'Amsterdam 2'
2015. Book 'Mensen gefotografeerd vanaf het spoor'

New York:
1983. Book. 'Works of a City'
1985. '4 Yards magazines'
1986. Book 'New York from the yards'
1990. Installation 'No Way Out'
 1993. Book 'In Marble Hill'
1998.Small book 'It is there in new York'
1998. book 'No Way Out'
2008. Magazine 'New York International'
2011. Leparello 'New York from the yards', special edition
2013. Book 'New York Diary' (Period 1982)
2013. Book 'Poem, canalstreet to 34th street' (Period 1982 - 2012)

2013. book 'Berlin Diary'(Period 1979 - 1981)
2008. Magazine 'Berlin International'

2001. Book 'Where the bus takes us / Waar de bus ons brengt'

The Internationals
In 2008 The Box 'The internationals': 15 city magazines.

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