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2019 Borneo Architectuur centrum, Amsterdam (duo: met Adrienne Norman).
2018 Opening nieuwe website (solo).
2018 Vrijburg, Moddermanzaal, Amsterdam. ‘FOTO PLAKS’ (Solo).
2018 Open Studio, Amsterdam. '12 Dicipelen' (Solo).
2017 Arti et Amicitea, Amsterdam. ‘Salon’ (groeps).

2017 Artists’ books from the Jack Ginsberg Collection at the University of Johannesburg.
2016 De Hallen, Haarlem: Groepsexpositie ‘Reiskoorts’ (groeps).
2016 Knsm-laan 325, Amsterdam ‘UNPHOTO’, wand reliëfs, ruimtelijke collages en boek presentatie (solo).
2016 Arti et Amicitae, Amsterdam. ‘Salon’ (groeps).
2015 Editions / Artists Book Fair (E/AB Fair) Johan Deumens gallery.
2015 Book: On the road too, volume II
2015 AmsterdamUnseen in de Kunsthal Citroen garage, Amsterdam
2015 Arti et Amicitea, Amsterdam. Groeps tentoonstelling.
2015 Book: Mensen in Amsterdam vanaf het spoor gefotografeerd
2015 Nieuwe website:
2014 2 Photo installations on the Europa plein, commission De Rai, Amsterdam.
2013 Gallery Johan Deumens, Amsterdam. ’Project World Works’ (with artist talk).
2013 Different books: World Works Project: 3 big books with all project pages and 11
        printed books: WORLD WORKS: THE LIBRARY PROJECT: 1. Handeling in een aantal
        gevallen, 1980 - 1981, 2. POEM: CANAL STREET TO 34TH STREET, 3. Peter and Bert,
        4. Ellen Marina Jose, 5. Berlin, 1979 - 1980, 6. Tekeningen uit Arnhem, 1979 - 1980, 7.
        New York Diary, 1982, 8. IS THIS A CITY ?, 9. Een Stad , part one, 1988-1989,
        10. Een Stad , part two, 1988-1989 and 11. Amsterdam, 2011 - 2012.
2012 Tell me how you REALLY feel', groupshow, The Center for Book Arts, New York.
2012 When the night falls', groupshow, KIK, Nijeveen.
2011 Harper's Books in 'Paris Photo', Grand Palais, Paris.
2011 Photo project 'New York from the yards', Harper's books, East Hampton, New York.
2011 Book: New York from the yards, special edition (Harper’s books, East Hampton, NY)
2011 Johans Deumens gallery, The London Art Book Fair (Whitechapel Gallery), London.
2011 Project The Archival works (work period 2008 - 2011)
2010 100 Amsterdam photographs, commission De Rai, Amsterdam.
2010 Artist book The Diary project
2010 Artist book The first family project

2009 Film 'SCHUIVEN' (2009, a remake film 'Schuiven', 1992 , BO5, Amsterdam).
2008 Book and box: ON THE ROAD TOO. First production of 10 small deluxe edition
2008 Magazines: THE INTERNATIONALS, box with 14 magazines, 2002 - 2007. The
        magazines are:The Brewster International, Vijfhuizen Internationaal, Amsterdam
        International, New York International, Berlin International, Dusseldorf International,
        Moordrecht Internationaal, Unconart International, Brussels International,
        Rotterdam International, Antwerp International, Emmen International, Vancouver
        International, IJmuiden International Paris International.
2007 Book: Unknown Cities book and 7 films
2007 Rivierenbuurt International', a project for the Rai / Noord-Zuidlijn.
2007 Dam Square, Amsterdam. Project 'AMSTERDAM'. 15 new photographs.
2006 Kruithuis Den Bosch. Hans Eijkelboom and Peter Spaans, ‚’Installation No Way Out'.
2006 De Branderij, Antwerpen, with Jan Henderikse, Hans Eijkelboom etc.
2005 Arti et Amicitae, Amsterdam with Hans Eijkelboom and Jan Henderikse, Installation
2004 Proeftuin Twente, Diepenheim ism SKOR. with Hans Eijkelboom. photography + book
2004 Book: Het Dilemma van Ruimte Skor and Proeftuin Twente)**
2003 Arti, Amsterdam Numbers Only. Photo installation
2002 Arti, Amsterdam New Members exhibition. Installation with 8 big photographs
2002 Fonds Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam. 4 photographers.
2002 Brewster, New York, The Brewster project. The library project: magazine, photographs.
2002 Stichting Kunstfort Vijfhuizen, Vijfhuizen. The project 'Vijfhuizen International’.
2002 Book: Die Grafschaft Bentheim entdeckt anhand………**
2001 Kunstverein Neuenhaus, Germany ‚Niemanls wissend’, photo installation**
2001 Tramway, Glascow, Schotland Mirror’s Edge (tour) ‘Unknown Cities’, video project
2001 The Ottawa Art Gallery, Ottawa, Canada Optical Verve. Video ‘NO WAY OUT’
2001 Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark Mirror’s Edge (tour) Video and lecture.
2001 SONSBEEK9, Arnhem ‚Where the bus takes Us’. A project**
2001 Book: Where the bus takes us’ (Sonsbeek 9)**
2000 Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada Mirror’s Edge (tour) video.
2000 Castello di Rivoli, Turin, Italy Mirror’s Edge (tour) video and lecture.
2000 Book: Uiteindelijk kwam hij aan in Hardenberg (with Hans Eijkelboom)

1999 Different artist books: It is there in New York, NO WAY OUT, Escape to Newark,
        Object and Memory, Lost in Dordrecht and Bricks build your mind**
1999 Centrum Beeldende Kunst, Dordrecht ‚ Verdwaald in Dordrecht’ photographs / book**.
1999 Gallery Oele, Amsterdam ‚Bricks build your mind’ photography and installations**.
1999 Kunstruimte SAFE, Dalfsen, ‚No Way Out’. photographs / installation**.
1999 Stichting De Appel, Amsterdam photography / video
1999 Bildmuseet, Umea, Sweden Mirror’s Edge (tour) video
1998 Disco The Move, Arnhem ‚No way out’ installation with slides
1998 The Loft, New York, USA ‚It is there in New York’. photographs, books and video**.
1997 Johannesburg Biennale, South Africa. ‚Trade Routes’ photography installations.
1995 Rita Dean Gallery, San Diego, USA ‚It is All Title’. paintings + photography
1994 P.A.R.K.4DTV, Amsterdam Williamsburg bridge video on cable network
1993 Jack Prezant Gallery, New York, USA In Marble Hill photographs and book
1993 Portable Gallery, Alkmaar. Marble is portable’ ‚wall sculpture and photo’s
1993 Rita Dean Gallery, San Diego, USA ‚In Marble Hill’. photography + paintings
1993 Book: In Marble Hill Old people and architecture in Marble Hill, Bronx, New York.
1992 Gallery Rita Dean, San Diego, USA Works, ‚Don’t worry’. paintings, photograph
1991 Gallery City Without Walls, Newark, USA Interlace installation (with bert Wils)
1991 Gallery Rita Dean, San Diego, USA. ‚Travelling Eye’ installation (with bert Wils)
1990 Gallery Dionysus, Rotterdam no title 2 installations (with bert Wils)

1989 Gallery Inge Schrofer, Amsterdam no title paintings
1988 Gallery Rosenberg, Offenbach, Germany no title paintings
1987 Gallery Rosenberg, Offenbach, Germany no title paintings
1986 Mercurion Building, Rijswijk In Beeld / Station installation
1986 Book: New York from the yards. silkscreen and offset. total edition 150.
1985 Gallery B.A.C., New York, USA no title silcscreens
1985 4 magazines: 1. 207 STREET YARD (Manhattan), 2. 239 Street Yard (the Bronx),
        3. Jerome / Concourse Yards (the Bronx) and 4. Coney Island Yard (the Bronx).
        (All handprinted cover silkscreen, inside photo copy, edition 50)
1985 Kasseler Kunstverein, Kassel, Germany In The City installations with photo’s
1984 Gallery De Krabbedans, Eindhoven no title photoworks and silcscreens
1984 Gemeente Museum, Arnhem Works Of A City installation with photo’s
1984 The Belvedere Tower, Arnhem The View installation with photo’s
1984 Gallery De Gele Rijder, Arnhem The Office installation/performance
1983 Artist book: works of a city’. Made in Silkscreen. edition 50.
1983 Art Center Pictura, Dordrecht no title photoworks and installation
1983 Gallery Makkom, Amsterdam. Two Feet installation/performance(with bert Wils)
1982 Gallery De Gele Rijder, Arnhem no title paintings and installation* (with bert Wils) !