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CLICK ON SLIDER FOR PREVIEW OR GO STRAIGHT TO  WORLD WORKS (book pages version). World Works is a biographical archive, a visual search for knowledge and beauty, evoking questions about the movement of time and my changing consciousness during the past 60 years of my existence. All of us have a different story to tell about the same period of time, although we share similar human experiences, see what is happening around us, hear the same music; in short: we recognize society as such. I started this project in 2011, exposing my life by means of memories, photo’s, letters, my art projects, family and friends, internet (old newspapers) and combining these. I go through my archives, I take pictures, I scan, photocopy, use photo’s from the internet and films, I cut and paste, combining everything so as to connect my own life with the world of others. World Works unravels the sixty years of my life as a complex whole that unveils my esthetic preferences, thus evoking questions about what touches, fascinates and provokes me. Things I want to share with others.